Fall Fishing Tactics

Published September 24th, 2018 by Fishcooladmin

Miami Fall Fishing Tactics

Fall fishing in south Florida can be a challenging feat, but with the right game plan can be very productive. We will discuss some some successful tactics used by local fishermen and charter boats alike to keep a bend in the rod, and hopefully fish in the box!

Offshore Fishing during Fall

Fall is a great time to target Blackfin Tuna and skipjack tunas offshore. They can usually be found in large schools from the edge of the reef in 150’ of water and as deep as 2000’ of water. Large flocks of birds working an area are usually an indicator of a school of tuna. Depending on conditions, live baiting, trolling, or even jigging are the most effective at catching these fast moving fish.

Fall marks the end of summer but water temperatures usually remain pretty high during this time of year. The Mahi-Mahi can be targeted at a variety of different depths but are not around in as large of numbers as they are during summer... Birds working the bait and structures such as grass or anything floating is key for any time you are in search of Mahi. You can find them as shallow as 200’ and some days as deep as 2000’. It is mostly about putting in the time to find them. On a calm day this can be a great way to start your fall day of fishing!

Deep dropping

Weather is fairly nice during the fall, which means it is a great time to try fishing some deeper structures. From the edge off the reef to 1500’ there are a variety of species of fish around. Vermilion snappers are the most prevalent. These tasty snapper can be found on natural bottom as well as wrecks from 200’-500’. Multiple hook rigs are commonly used to target these fish. As you venture out deeper the tackle gets heavier. Electric reels are best for dropping in depths of 500+ feet. Snowy Grouper, Black Belly Rosefish, Barrel Fish, and Golden Tile fish are just a few of the other deep drop species that can be targeted. Deep dropping can make a full day of fishing during fall productive to save the least!

Reef fishing during Fall

September and October offer some great reef fishing particularly for Mangrove and Yellowtail snapper! Night and day time fishing are both options during this time of the year, with night fishing being more popular. When it is a 90 degree South Florida day, night fishing is definitely a great option. Depending on the current, anchoring on “Hard Bottom” is suggested anywhere from 50-100’. It is important to make sure to have plenty of chum and cut bait. Live bait such as pilchards and pinfish are great, but cut bait such as squid, silversides, and ballyhoo all work as well! A variety of snappers such as Mutton, Yellowtail and Mangrove are all possibilities. It is also common as it gets cooler to catch red, black and/or gag groupers, so be sure to bring the appropriate tackle! It may take putting in some time at a few different spots to find these types of fish. Snapper, as you may know make for excellent eating and on a calm fall day can provide plenty of action!

The Mullet Run

As temperatures drop in the southeast Atlantic Ocean it triggers the migration of many different kinds of fish. Mullet begin their migration in very large schools and this attracts a lot of attention from predators. The most common predators include snook, tarpon, jacks, mackerel and sharks. Beaches and inlets are a great place to focus your efforts during the mullet run. In addition, deeper canals and creeks in Biscayne Bay can yield success. Bridges also can also dish out great fishing by serving as a safe haven for bait and ambush locations for predators. We offer both day and night time trips to enjoy this fishery.

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